About Weatherwall Windows

What are Weatherwall Windows?

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The frame of the windows are fully extruded aluminum frames, NO PLASTIC!  The pane of the window is made of vinyl and can withstand 300 pounds of force making it durable and far less vulnerable to breakage.  The vinyl “gives” in ways that glass can’t, which means no IMG_4551cracking because of shifting that can so often happen with cottages.  There is no seal to break as with a dual pane window.  At a fraction of the weight of glass they are easy to remove, clean and replace.

Installation is easy and quick and any replacements can happen in a snap.  Prices are comparable to single pane or low budget dual pane glass making it comparable and affordable.

Weatherwall Windows slide easily up, up, up to take up only the top quarter of the window, or down, down, down to expose the top 3/4’s of the window to fresh air.  Feel the winds of the season without the bugs on nice days.  Keep those windows closed to enjoy the opening buds of spring, or the turning leaves of fall when it’s cooler.

Weatherwall Windows are assembled in Canada. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks from order.  Have them delivered directly from factory to your door to have your contractor install them as he completes your project.

If you like, we can deliver and install them for you!

Weatherwall frames come in three great colors seen below

(1. White 2. Sandstone 3. Dark Brown )










For more information and to see how the windows work please watch these videos.


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